We offer a range of Corporate Fixed Deposits varying in tenures, interest rates & institutions to suit your investment needs. The deposit schemes have been specially chosen from high-safety options to ensure that you enjoy the twin benefits of returns and protection.

In these uncertain times, get the most of your hard-earned money without the risk of losing it. Invest your money in our Fixed Deposit schemes that offer you highly competitive interest rates and help it grow consistently over a period of time.

Bonds are basically a way for companies & governments for issuing capital for expansion, infrastructural projects, etc. By issuing bonds to the public, the organizations & Government can raise money for their projects. In simple terms bonds are like a loan for which you are the lender. The organization who sells the bonds is known as issuer & the holder is called as an investor.

Features & Benefits

Fixed Deposit Features

  • Depositor can earn interest on surplus funds available in the account
  • Encourages saving habit
  • Only one fixed deposit account can be opened at a time. The depositor can open multiple accounts for other such deposits
  • The deposit can be renewed or withdrawn up on maturity
  • As per traditional scheme, the interest earned on FDs gets credited to the depositor’s account either on monthly or quarterly basis, as opted by the account holder
  • Premature withdrawals are not permitted but in case of emergency, banks allow closure of FD accounts. The deduction charges will be levied (percentage of charges may vary from bank to bank)

Bond Features

  • NCDs offer high returns & low risk options. The interest rate & rate of return are subject to market conditions
  • As per section 193 of Income Tax Act, there will be no tax levied on securities issued by companies if they are in a demat form & listed on a stock exchange. However, they are taxable if held in physical form
  • NCDs are rated by agencies like FITCH, CRISIL & ICRA
  • They are offered in four options: monthly, quarterly, annual & cumulative interest.
  • They offer a potentially attractive and regular income avenue as the rate of interest is fixed (in most cases but not all) till maturity.

For any questions on your eligibility for FIXED DEPOSIT & BONDS.