Ksquare Timeline Pvt. Ltd. (“KTPL”) provides facility to enable the investors to carry out the online transactions in the units of the mutual funds through “MF ONLINE”. KTPL holds a registration with Association of Mutual Funds in India (“AMFI“) and has obtained ARN Code bearing number 146262 to act as an online distributor of mutual fund through its website www.ksquaretimeline.com .

The users who have registered on the Website (“Registered Customer“) shall be entitled to avail the online “MF ONLINE” including but not limited to purchase, redemption and switch of mutual fund units. Before availing the services of the MF ONLINE, users are requested to read and confirm all the terms & conditions (“Terms & Conditions“). By using KTPL Investment Account services (“Services“), you understand and agree that KTPL shall treat your use of the Services as acceptance of these Terms from such point of usage. You may not be allowed to use the Services if you do not accept the below terms:

  1. You acknowledge that in accessing and using the Services offered by KTPL, you may utilize the content and services offered on the Website. You agree to follow the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for the use of the Website as may be specified on the Website from time to time.
  2. You acknowledge that KTPL and / or the Asset Management Company “AMC” may at its sole discretion vary the Terms and Conditions or withdraw any of the facilities/Services provided herein from time to time.
  3. You further agree and acknowledge that the Services provided herein are presently available in respect of select mutual funds only with whom KTPL has entered into a separate arrangement.
  4. You agree and acknowledge that transactions done through KTPL Investment Account facility will be tagged with the Mutual Fund distributor ARN Code 146262 and will not be treated as Direct.
  5. You agree to comply with KYC (Know your Client/Customer) and KRA requirements as required under SEBI (KYC Registration Agency) Regulation 2011, SEBI Act 1992, Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002, all laws and regulations including but not limited to the Foreign Exchange Management Act, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines, to the extent applicable pertaining to the investments.
  6. You hereby irrevocably and unconditionally grant your no objection to KTPL and the respective AMC to collate the transaction details relating to the investments in mutual fund units done by you on the online technology platform of KTPL and transmit such transaction data to the concerned AMC”) / mutual fund/ Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA) of the AMC for further processing of your transactions.
  7. You agree to provide any and all information that may be required by KTPL/AMC/authorized service providers of the AMC, from time to time, in compliance with existing legal norms and regulations, including but not limited to contact information, address, taxrelated information and any other information required under existing or future KYC norms and laws. You agree that aforesaid information that may be provided by you to KTPL from time to time, may be shared by KTPL with the mutual funds/AMCs or their respective authorized service providers, auditors, legal and tax consultants in compliance with the extant legal provisions from time to time. You also agree that KTPL /AMC/authorized service providers of the AMC may take steps to verify the veracity of such information provided by you and you agree to cooperate with KTPL/AMC/authorized service providers of AMC in providing all information requested by KTPL. You acknowledge that failure to provide such information in a timely manner may result in your ineligibility to avail of some or all of the Services of KTPL and that KTPL /AMC/Trustees of AMC shall in no way be held liable for any losses of whatsoever nature resulting from such failure to provide information on your part. You agree that any information provided by you may be required to be shared with relevant regulatory / statutory authorities and you authorize KTPL to provide all information to such regulatory / statutory authorities as and when required.
  8. You acknowledge that the Investment Account and the execution of online instructions are subject to these Terms and Conditions, and the Offer Documents of the respective AMCs’. There may be an exit load/any other charge(s) applicable to certain mutual fund schemes which is mentioned in the respective Offer Documents including Scheme Information Document (SID) /Key Information Memorandum (KIM) and addendums issued thereto from time to time (collectively referred to as “scheme related documents“). You hereby agree to read all the scheme related documents before investing.
  9. Your identity on the Website shall be authenticated by the use of your login credentials. KTPL shall at all times treat instructions authenticated by your login credentials to have originated from you directly.
  10. You hereby declare that the details furnished in the while registering/ transacting are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and I undertake to inform you of any changes therein, immediately. In case any of the above information is found to be false or untrue or misleading or misrepresenting, I am aware that I may be held liable for it. I hereby declare that I am not making this application for the purpose of contravention of any Act, Rules, Regulations or any statute of legislation or any notifications/directions issued by any governmental or statutory authority from time to time. I hereby consent to receiving information from Central KYC Registry through SMS/Email on the above registered number/email address.
  11. You understand that the NAV applicable to the above transaction will be governed by the applicable SEBI (MF) regulations/Circulars issued by SEBI from time to time.