Get your finances in place with a full-proof financial plan!

“Tell me about the Financial Plan”, Sada asked the Bank Manager. Everybody has to have a financial plan. It is a statement of financial receipts and payments, incomes and expenditures during a period ranging from as a little as a month and as long as 1 to 5 years and even more. Governments present every […]

Why do we plan our Finances?

Adam Smith, 18th century British philosopher known as the father of economics, in his magnum opus, ‘An Inquiry into the Nature and causes of the Wealth of Nations’ proposed and defended the philosophy of free markets. He argued that the ‘invisible hand’ of markets turns the individual self  interest into social good. Everyone works in […]

Financial Planner in India – Is the Fee Justified?

One of my prospective clients Ajay asked me an innocent question – How much I can save by paying the annual fee to you? Instead of giving him any rough estimate, I told him that it is up to him to decide after the initial discussion with his personal financial data and then he can […]

How to Pick Good Stocks for Your Equity Portfolio?

When we fall sick, we go to the doctor, to a Chartered Accountant in tax cases and to a mechanic to get a car repaired. Why do we do that? Because we need professional (expert) advice in all such cases. But when it comes to personal finances or investment decisions like selecting the stocks , we act according to our […]

How to Improve Your Credit Score ?

My friend Suresh had a shock last month, when his home loan application was rejected by the bank. Though he is having an annual CTC of 20 lakhs, bank rejected his application because of his low CIBIL score.  What was the reason for his low CIBIL score? How he can improve his CIBIL score? Will […]

Why you need financial planning?

Can you recollect the day in your life, when you handled cash for the first time? It can be at age 10, when you got pocket money from your father! Now think about till what age, you will be handling money? Till you live an active life. Yes, except for the first 10 years, all […]

5 Best Investment Moves for Your 30s: Are You Financially Ready?

As you enter your 30s, you might be facing a set of new transitions in both your career as well as personal life. Having a good job or a well set business, climbing up on the career ladder or growing your family and getting settled. Right! Now, Is that enough? Are you financially ready to […]

Investment options for NRIs – How to Choose?

2013 was a good year for NRIs when their dollars were earning more rupees with rupee depreciation. But this may not continue for long as dollar is stabilizing at 60 – 62 levels. But what are the “investment options for NRIs”to plan for or their short term and long term financial goals? Investment Options for NRIs […]