As you enter your 30s, you might be facing a set of new transitions in both your career as well as personal life. Having a good job or a well set business, climbing up on the career ladder or growing your family and getting settled. Right! Now, Is that enough? Are you financially ready to meet your short term demands? Have you set aside requisite funds to meet your long term objectives? Are you financially healthy to meet your post retirement needs?

Let’s look for a quick answer to all these queries and enjoy a joyful investment ride! Learn some of the best investment moves that you can make to get good returns.

Investment Planning: Importance

Investment planning is a crucial, or we can say, an indispensable component of our financial journey. In fact, one can’t afford to ignore the importance of making good investments early in life. In order to grab maximum benefits, you need to plan your finances systematically to enjoy financial freedom at an early age.

Remember, the way you’ll handle your money in your early 30s shall impact how easily your funds will get rolled over in your golden years of retirement. You’ll definitely gain from the wisely planned financial decisions taken now.

Checkout some of the fruitful investment moves, simple steps that can help you land in a better financial position.

5 Best Investment Moves for Your Early 30s

Prioritise and Focus on Bigger and Long term financial goals

We dream of getting so many things at a stretch, that’s completely natural. Making financial resolutions is good but sticking to all of them is not so simple. So, just prioritise your 2-3 primary financial goals which you want to achieve over the coming years. Like you wish to buy a house, invest for your child’s education or for their marriage. Now, focus on attaining these objectives by initiating monthly investments, if not already. Set aside a particular amount every month for these specific goals.

Keep adding to Your Emergency Fund

By now, you might have started an emergency fund to meet any unforeseen situations. If not, it’s high time you plan to set up one for building strong financial support, if need arises. It should be anyways easy to withdraw money from an emergency fund, whenever required. So, the common ways people do it is, by having some money in a savings account, short term FDs or investing in Liquid funds etc.

Diversify Your Investments

Keeping all your money in savings account or fixed deposits won’t fetch much. Whereas, putting your money in different investment options seems to be a great idea. Investing in risk-free assets plus trying some of the risky ones as per your risk taking capacity can let you explore diversified returns. You get to choose from a whole range of alternatives like investing in mutual funds, ETFs and stocks etc.

Invest for Yourself & Your retirement

We have a lot of significant goals to meet in the long run. So, we tend to get emotional when it comes to saving and investing money. Saving for kids and their future requirements is fine but saving for yourself is good too. Investing to lead a peaceful and financially secure after retirement life should also be of topmost priority. Save and invest for yourself right now, so that you don’t have to rely on your future generation to support you.

Re-assess Your Insurance needs

Think of your dependants and reassess your insurance needs. A good health insurance for yourself covering your family as well can be a great gift for your loved ones. Having adequate life insurance further strengthens the sense of financial security you can provide to them.

So, now that you are aware of these powerful steps to enlighten your financial path. You can easily move ahead and make yourself ready to use them to the best of your advantage.

If you have succeeded in building a solid financial foundation in your 20s, financial planning shall become much easier in your 30s.

So, have you started your long term financial planning? Are you investing for yourself and your financial goals? What are the best investments you have done so far? Do you wish to share any other investments moves that proved beneficial for you? Do share the same.

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